enable:Banking SDK is the library, documentation and tools, which give you freedom to connect every European bank within your own solutions without 3rd party services

Opening API:s is not enough, it should be easy to use them

Why SDK?

  • ready-made integrations
  • same interface for
    different languages
  • direct access to bank APIs
  • users see who accesses their data
  • provided in source code
  • no data exposed to
    3rd parties
Predictable costs
  • automatic updates
    and new API:s
  • no transactional costs

Open Banking API:s

We monitor websites of the banks to get information about Open Banking implementations, so we can add integrations as soon as new API:s are available. For the banks, which were integrated already, we have tools to check API status and test interaction process.




Banks in the area


API:s integrated

Check full list of banks and integrated API:s

Get Open Banking updates:


We believe that integrating Open Banking should be easy and painless, so we put a lot of effort into making our SDK developer-friendly. You don’t need to worry about difference of bank API:s, our library automatically converts all data and interaction logic to one simple interface.

import com.enablebanking.ApiClient;
import com.enablebanking.api.AuthApi;
import com.enablebanking.model.ConnectorSettings;
import com.enablebanking.model.NordeaConnectorSettings;

// Initialize settings.
ConnectorSettings settings = new NordeaConnectorSettings()

// Create client instance.
ApiClient apiClient = new ApiClient(settings);

// Create authentication interface.
AuthApi authApi = new AuthApi(apiClient);

// Get authentication URL.
String authUrl = authApi.getAuth(
    "test", // state to pass to redirect URL
    null // no access parameter (requesting consent for default AISP scope)

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