Whitelisting own accounts for production tests

This page contains instructions on how to activate a newly registered production application by linking your own accounts to it. Doing so changes the application status changes from "pending" to "active", which allows testing real-life scenarios before a contract for production usage of Enable Banking API has been signed.

Register a new API-application like before, but choose production instead of sandbox.

alt text

Your newly created applications status will be “pending”. To activate it, connect an account using the link accounts button as shown below.

alt text

From here you will be redirected through Enable Bankings authorization page to the banks authorization.

alt text

After confirming an account link, the application will become active in restricted mode. Using restricted applications you can only fetch data from accounts linked to the application. The application will stay in this state until an agreement has been signed.

This process won't handle authorization on behalf of the app. Access needs to be authorized through API like was done with the sandbox application. This applies even when using the same account.