# Enable Banking Changelog | September 2022

Enable Banking Changelog | September 2022

# Mock Data Entry Through Control Panel

Using our mock integration it is possible to simulate how your target application would behave depending on the data coming from a bank. Now through the “Mock ASPSP” feature of the control panel you can create an arbitrary set of accounts and enter any transactions or balances there.

Read more in the Docs (opens new window)

# Other Releases

# Improvements in Enable Banking API for licensed TPPs

  • Applications managed through the control panel can be routed to a dedicated environment provided for a licensed TPP
  • Details returned in response to the GET /application entail the list of available countries
  • The possibility to skip the PSU consent screen while payment initiation

# Improved Handling of Rate Limit From ASPSPs

Now the API responds with the dedicated error code ASPSP_RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED when either maximum daily access limit for an end-user is exceeded or account information for an end-user is requested too often and target ASPSP can not return it.

# Improvements in Open Banking eIDAS Broker (opens new window)

  • Health-check endpoint for Kubernetes
  • Handling of mTLS connections is done using NGINX (earlier Gunicorn was used).
  • Ready-built Docker images are available in our Github (opens new window)

# Enable Banking Postman Collection

If just starting using our API, Postman Collection can get you up to speed. Besides ready-made requests, the collection implements JWT generation, so you only need to provide application ID and private key and Authorization header gets filled in automatically.

Get it from our Github (opens new window)

# New Countries

  • Launched account information service in Slovenia with 17 integrations.
  • Main banks in France have been integrated and account information service is available through API in the beta stage.

# New Integrations

Abanca (ES), Addiko (SI), AIB (IE), BKS Bank (AT, SI, SK), BNP Paribas (FR), CIC (FR), Crédit Agricole (FR), Crédit Mutuel (FR), DBS Bank (SI), Delavska Hranilnica (SI), Ferratum/Sweep Bank (EU), Gorenjska banka (SI), Hello Bank (FR), Intesa Sanpaolo Bank (SI), La Banque Postale (FR), LCL (FR), LON (SI), NLB (SI), Nova KBM (SI), PayPal (EEA), Primorska hranilnica Vipava (SI), Raiffeisen Bank (HU), Société Générale (FR), SKB (SI), Sparkasse (SI), VÚB banka (SK).

# Bug Fixes & Small Improvements

  • ICA Banken (SE) transaction fetching fixes for certain cases;
  • Handling of masked IBANs for Wise (EU);
  • Added BIC codes for Spanish banks;
  • Improved mapping of balance types for OP (FI);
  • Fixed refresh token handling for payment initiation in Swedbank (SE).