# Enable Banking Changelog | October 2022

Enable Banking Changelog | October 2022

# The possibility to re-fetch account details for earlier authorised sessions

Enable Banking API works so that once an end-user completes authorisation of access to account information in their bank flow and the application initiated authorisation confirms that the end-user got redirected to it, list of the end-user accounts and their details are fetched from the bank and made available to the application. Previously it was not possible to re-fetch account details for already authorised session. However application developers asked if it would be possible to re-fetch account details and often the contain sensitive information and storing this information by Enable Banking partners is not always the best option. This is why we implemented the possibility to re-fetch account details for previously authorised sessions in the same way as balances and transactions are fetched, i.e. neither Enable Banking nor its partners need to store the information while it can be delivered to the end-users on their demand.

Read more in the Docs (opens new window)

# Possibility to create accounts to Mock ASPSP by file upload

You can export data from a real bank account using our account information demo UI (opens new window). You need to choose JSON format and enter FREEEXPORT code before exporting data.

Please note that data uploaded using the account creation form will be stored in our systems until it is removed by you. Sample data file can be downloaded here (opens new window)

# New UI for payment tests

At Enable Banking we always work to integrate new payment types and a lot of testing is done together with our partners (many thanks). Because of this we have implemented a user interface, which allows not technical users to test different payment types in very small details.

# Other Releases

  • SLA reports for licensed TPPs;
  • Extended transaction details for SEB and DK banks using BankData as their PSD2 APIs provider;
  • Handling of authorisation using Photo OTP for the banks of the German Cooperative Financial Group and some other banks in Germany.

# New Countries

# New Integrations

Banque Populaire (FR), Crédit Municipal (FR), Íslandsbanki (IS), Lazard Frères Banque (FR), Milleis Banque (FR), Neuflize OBC (FR), Orange Bank (FR).

# Bug Fixes & Small Improvements

  • Fixed payment status retrieval for POP Pankki (FI), OmaSp (FI) and Säästopankki (FI) connectors.
  • Expired consent handling improved for BNP Paribas (FR), Šiaulių bankas (LT) and Sparkasse (DE).
  • Multiple fixes and improvements in the integrations toward AIB (IE) and Credit Agricole (FR).
  • Fixed transactions retrieval problem in the integration towards Societe Generale.
  • Fixed SEPA payment initiation in the integration with OP Bank (FI) in case the amount has only one decimal place.
  • Fixed duplicated transactions issue in the integration towards Aion Bank (BE/PL).
  • Transaction fields mapping improvements in the PayPal integration.
  • Fixed authorisation handling in the integration towards CIB Bank (HU).
  • Fixed certificate loading for the integration towards MagNet Bank (HU).
  • Meta information fixes for GIRO payments in the integration towards Nordea (SE).