Enable Banking Changelog | May 2023

Aggregation core changes

  • Added a gzipCompress function in the platform.

  • Added meta information about support of bulk payments (`maxTransactions`).

  • HalPaymentRequest.paymentInformationStatus field is now optional, as the status is not returned in case payment is not yet (fully) initiated.

New integrations

  • Gronlands BANKEN (GL): account information service

  • Cecabank (ES): account information service

  • Isybank (IT): account information service (Banca5 migrated to a new bank Isybank)

  • MBH Bank (HU): account information service

  • Sparekassen Danmark (DK): account information and payment initiation services (Sparekassen Vendsysse rebranded to Sparekassen Danmark)

Fixed and improved integrations

  • Aktia (FI): Improved account details data mapping

  • Ålandsbanken (FI): Fixed DOMESTIC_SE_GIRO payment type

  • BBVA (ES): Handling the error related to refresh token

  • BRED Banque Populaire (FR): Authentication fix

  • Consors Bank (DE): Improved error handling by parsing HTML responses

  • Credit Mutuel (FR): Improved handling of expired refresh tokens

  • Crelan, Nagelmackers (BE): Added additional information into remittance information array

  • Deutsche Bank (IT): Improved handing for transaction status parameter

  • ASN Bank, Reggio Bank, SNS Bank (NL): Add handling of expired refresh tokens

  • Fidorbank (DE): Add handling of expired refresh tokens

  • Handelsbanken (FI): Setting remittaince information for SEPA payments when reference number is provided

  • Handelsbanken (FI): SEPA payments no longer require creditor country to be set

  • Handelsbanken (FI, SE, NL): improved accounts list fetching behavior

  • ICABanken (SE): Fixed BBAN from IBAN extraction in the payment initiation service

  • ICABanken (SE): Removed invalid booking date values for pending transactions

  • ING (EU): Currency handling fix

  • KBC, CBC (BE): Fixed generation of authorisation URLs

  • KH (HU): Keeping only redirect auth method and removed user ID credential as not required

  • KH (HU): Fixes in the authorisation for access to account information

  • Knab (NL): Account details mapping improved

  • Lunar (DK): Fix in account transaction conversion

  • Marginalen Bank (SE): Add support of sha512 signature hash algorithm

  • mBank (PL): Data mapping fixes

  • Nordea (SE): Fixed BBAN from IBAN extraction in the payment initiation service

  • Postbank (DE): Authentication using Postbank ID instead of account number

  • Raiffeisen (HU): Authorisation and data fetching fixes

  • Santander Bank Polska (PL) Data harmonisation fixes

  • Siauliu Bankas (LT) Fixed handling of expired refresh tokens

  • Solarisbank (DE): Transaction retrieval fixes

  • Swedbank (EE, LT, LV): Fixed default end-to-end identification for SEPA payments

  • Swedbank (SE): Filling up BBAN to 15 digits when possible

  • Swedbank (SE): Fixes in the sandbox environment

  • Sweep Bank (FI), Ferratum Bank (EU): Added handling of expired refresh tokens

  • UBS (EU): Authorisation fixes

Extended integrations

  • ABN AMRO (NL): Added support of the bulk payments

  • Alm Brand, Andelskassen Fælleskassen, Arbejdernes Landsbank, BIL Danmark, Coop Bank, Danske Andelskassers Bank, Den Jyske Sparekasse, Djurslands Bank, Faster Andelskasse, Frørup Andelskasse, Frøslev Møllerup Sparekasse, Fynske Bank, Handelsbanken Denmark, Hvidbjerg Bank, Jyske Bank, Kreditbanken, Lægernes Bank, Landbobank, Lollands Bank, Maj Bank, Merkur Andelskasse, Mons Bank, Nordfyns Bank, Nykredit Bank, PenSam, SEB, Salling Bank, Skjern Bank, Spar Nord Bank, Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn (DK): Integrated SEPA and DOMESTIC payment types

  • Ålandsbanken (SE): Integrated DOMESTIC payment type

  • Danske Bank (SE): Integrated DOMESTIC_SE_GIRO payment type

  • ASN Bank, Reggio Bank, SNS Bank (NL): Added support of the bulk payments

  • ING (NL): Added support of the bulk payments

  • Nordea (SE, FI): Integrated CROSSBORDER payment type for business accounts

  • SBAB (SE): Added account holder name retrieval

  • Sparbanken Syd (SE): Added account clearning number information

  • Swedbank (EE, LT, LV): Added support of bulk payments for SEPA

Removed integrations

  • Banca5 (IT): Replaced with Isybank (as Banca 5 transformed into Isybank)

  • BancaCarige, Banca Regionale Di Sviluppo (IT) Banca Carige and Banca del Monte di Lucca became BPER Banca

  • Industra Bank (LV): removed (as the bank migrated to new PSD2 APIs)

  • Privat Bank (LV): removed (as the bank does not exist anymore)


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