Enable Banking Changelog | February 2024

While it has been a while since we last published release notes, it’s only the release notes that were on pause. We have been working hard on new improvements and releases. Here’s an update from the latest release and major changes since the last release notes! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at support.api@enablebankig.com

Transactions fetching strategy

We have introduced a new parameter called strategy to the GET /accounts/{account_id}/transactions endpoint. This parameter allows developers to choose between different approaches for fetching transactions.

When the strategy parameter is set to default (or if the parameter is omitted), the date_from and date_to parameters are handled in the same way as before: if the requested period is unavailable, the WRONG_TRANSACTIONS_PERIOD error is returned, and the requesting application must act accordingly.

With the new parameter value strategy=longest, the Enable Banking API attempts to find the earliest available transaction and fetches all subsequent transactions. When using the longest strategy, the date_to parameter is ignored, and the value of the date_from parameter is used as a suggestion for where to start searching. If date_from is not provided, the Enable Banking API uses internal data to determine the earliest available transaction.

When strategy=longest is used, the Enable Banking API does not return the WRONG_TRANSACTIONS_PERIOD error. If no transactions are available, the Enable Banking API returns an empty list. It's important to note that during the search process, the Enable Banking API may return an empty list of transactions along with a continuation key, which must be passed to the subsequent request. This applies to both the new longest strategy and the existing default strategy, so no changes are required in this regard.

Core aggregation changes

  • A new optional timeout parameter added for makeRequest, which is null by default. Used for setting custom timeouts per request.

  • Field transaction.resourceId nulled for connectors where it is not possible to retrieve transaction details.

  • HalPaymentRequest model is extended with the paymentRequest field.

  • Added psuIpAddressV6Supported meta flag.

  • Added pisAccountsAvailable meta flag.

New integrations

  • LKU (LT): AIS & PIS integration

Fixed and improved integrations

  • Redsys Base (ES) banks using Redsys as provider of their PSD2 APIs:

    • Fixed an issue when a call would fail if using compressed IPv6.

    • modifyConsents adds state to the redirectUri.

  • Aktia (FI): Missing BIC code added.

  • Aktia (FI): Added meta information indicating that the maximum consent validity is 1 hour.

  • Abanca (ES): Make iban as the resourceId because of the changing resourceId.

  • Andbank (ES): Fixed the consent.

  • Arkea Base (FR) banks using Arkea as provider of their PSD2 APIs:

    • Fixed the signature.

    • Remove size from accounts call query parameters.

  • BNP Paribas Poland (PL), mBank (PL), Santander Bank Polska (PL): Handle rate limit response.

  • Banco Santander (ES): Migrated to API v1.1.

  • Credit Agricole (FR): Handle Invalid status dateFrom error.

  • Danske Bank (DK, FI, NO, SE): Setting entryReference to TransactionId when TransactionReference contains only zeros.

  • DKB (DE): Fixed the “no extra SCA” flow.

  • DNB (NO): Handle getting card accounts error.

  • DNB (NO): Send SEPA payment body.

  • DNB (NO): Remove PSU-HTTP-METHOD header.

  • DNB (NO): end_to_end_id limited to 35 characters.

  • DNB (NO): Update credentials template (for business accounts only).

  • DNB (NO): Send companyID in PSU-ID header (for business accounts only).

  • DNB (NO): Add IBAN to supported debtorAccountSchemas for DOMESTIC payments (for business accounts only).

  • DNB (NO): Handle RateLimit exception (for business accounts only).

  • Djurslands Bank (DK), Jyske Bank (DK), Kreditbanken (DK), Landbobank (DK), Nordfyns Bank (DK), Skjern Bank (DK), Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn (DK), Sydbank (DK): Reduced transactions page size to avoid timeouts.

  • Handelsbanken (FI): Charge bearer values removed from meta for SEPA payments in FI.

  • Handelsbanken (FI, SE): Maximum consent validity is now 180 days.

  • Handelsbanken (SE): Improve parsing of card balances.

  • ING (NL), ING Wholesale Banking (EU), Sparkasse (DE): Maximum allowed AIS consent validity period is set to 180 days.

  • ING (NL), ING Wholesale Banking (EU): Extracting reference numbers only if they follow ISO 11649.

  • ING (NL), ING Wholesale Banking (EU): Extracting creditor IDs.

  • ICA Banken (SE): Update API URLs.

  • Ibercaja Banco (ES): Set PSU-Accept header to application/json.

  • K&H (HU): Fix transaction status mapping.

  • K&H (HU): Improve app token parsing.

  • La Banque Postale (FR): Upgrade to v2.

  • LHV (EE): Fix creating consent (business accounts only).

  • LHV (EE): Missing BIC code added.

  • LHV (EE): Fix handling expired refresh token.

  • LHV (EE): Fixed the consent request body.

  • Luminor (EE, LT, LV): Missing BIC code added.

  • Lunar (DK): Improve transactions response data mapping.

  • MBH Bank (HU), Takarekbank (HU): Improved refresh token handling.

  • MBH Bank (HU), Takarekbank (HU): Handle RateLimit exception.

  • N26 (EU): Handle transaction period exception.

  • N26 (EU): Handle CONSENT_INVALID error.

  • Nordea (DK, FI, NO, SE): Added the signing basket payment.

  • Nordea Corporate (DK, FI, NO, SE): Add invalid credentials exception.

  • Nordea Corporate (DK, FI, NO, SE): Improved handling of pending transactions.

  • Nordea Corporate (DK, FI, NO, SE): Improved transaction entry reference mapping.

  • NLB (SI): Added the required PSU headers.

  • OP (FI): Improved scope requested when creating accounts consent.

  • Permanent TSB (IE): Remove the validation for consentID in the IdToken.

  • Pleo (DK): Fix populating transaction entry reference.

  • POP Pankki (FI), OmaSp (FI), Säästöpankki (FI): Explicit accounts provided during authorization are now ignored, as this is not supported by the banks.

  • Qonto (FR): Fix parsing scheme name.

  • Qonto (FR): Fixed the scope for AIS.

  • Renta4Banco (ES): Improve expired token error handling.

  • Sabadell (ES): Improved expired refresh token handling.

  • POP Pankki (FI), OmaSp (FI), Säästöpankki (FI): Payment debtor information is provided in the getPaymentRequest response.

  • SEB (EE, LT, LV): Missing BIC code added.

  • SEB (SE): Missing BIC code added.

  • Swedbank (SE): Fix getting over 90 days transactions.

  • Swedbank (SE): Fix requested execution date and reference number for SE SEPA.

  • Swedbank (SE): In SEPA payments setting debtor account when it's provided.

  • TietoEvry Business (FI): Send PSU-CONTEXT header to receive PSU-CORPORATE-ID param.

  • TietoEvry Business (FI): Send PSU-Corporate-Id header.

  • TietoEvry Business (FI): Remove PSU-Context header.

  • Tomamos Impulso (ES): Adding new brand Targobank.

  • Triodos Bank (NL): Fix the continuationKey.

  • UK (UK): Improved bank transaction code data mapping.

  • UK (UK), Danske (EU): Improve InterimCleared balance mapping.

  • Volkswagen Bank (DE): Changed to another platform provider.

  • Wise (EU): Enabled in all EEA countries.

  • Wise (EU): Missing BIC code added.

  • The following connectors from now on are considered stable (i.e. have sufficient traffic and no ongoing issues) and thus beta flag is removed: UniCredit (IT), Credit Mutuel (FR), Banca Mediolanum (IT), American Express (EU), Comdirect (DE), Bred Banque Populaire (FR), Credit Mutuel (FR), Hello Bank (FR), PayPal (EU), Societe Generale (FR), AIB (IE), Erste Steiermarkische Bank (AT), Banque CPH (FR), Qonto (FR), Deutsche Bank (ES), Siauliu Bankas (LT), Open Bank (ES), Tomamos Impulso (ES), Postova Banka (SK), Solaris Bank (DE), Bankinter (ES), Nagelmackers (BE), Triodos Bank (NL), BPCE (FR), Kvika (IS), LCL (FR), Aion Bank (EU), BNP Paribas (FR), Keytrade Bank (BE), Bank De Kremer (BE), Beobank (BE), Bank Van Breda (BE), Banque Transatlantique (FR), CIC (FR), Boursorama (FR), Cajamar Caja Rural (ES), Sweep Bank (EU), BNL (IT), Bpost Bank (BE), Finecobank (IT).

Extended integrations

  • Arkea (FR): Added PIS integration.

  • Bankart (FR): Added PIS integration.

  • BNP Paribas (FR): Added PIS integration.

  • BPCE (FR): Added PIS integration.

  • Boursorama (FR): Added SEPA payment.

  • Bred Banque Populaire (FR): Added PIS integration.

  • Caisse d'Epargne (FR): Added PIS integration.

  • Crédit Agricole (FR): Added PIS integration.

  • DNB (DK, FI, NO, SE): Added BULK_DOMESTIC integration.

  • La Banque Postale (FR): Added PIS integration.

  • LCL (FR): Added PIS integration.

  • Nordea Corporate (DK, FI, NO, SE): Added DOMESTIC and DOMESTIC_SE_GIRO payment integrations.

  • Nordea (SE): Added the signing basket payment.

Removed integrations

  • Max (FR): Removed the integration as ASPSP is not active anymore.

  • ING (FR): Removed FR from list of supported countries for ING integration as the bank doesn’t operate in France anymore.

Changes Since Last Release Notes

This gathers together the major changes since last August’s release.

Core aggregation changes

TransactionPeriodException is extended with dateFrom and dateTo fields

  • transactionHistoryDays field is added to the connector's meta information. It contains the maximum number of days for which transactions can be fetched.

  • Added referenceNumberSchemas to list the reference number schemas supported by a payment method

  • Added BULK_SEPA as a new PaymentType to support the bulk payment

  • Norwegian reference number validation

New integrations

  • Andbank (ES, LU), Bankinter (LU), Banque De Luxembourg (BE, LU), Banque De Patrimoines Prives (LU), Banque Transatlantique (BE, LU), EastWest United Bank (LU), Eurobank Private Bank (LU), Fideuram Bank (LU), Intesa Sanpaolo Wealth Management (LU, BE), Julius Baer (LU), Post Luxembourg (LU), Raiffeisen (LU), Banque J. Safra Sarasin (LU), Santander (LU), SEB (LU, NO), Spuerkeess (EU), Swissquote Bank Europe (LU), 3S Money (LU), Union Bancaire Privée (LU): Account information service.

  • Epirus Bank (GR): Account information service.

  • LPB (EU): Account information service.

  • Nordea Commercial Cards (EU): Account information service.

  • ProCredit Bank (EU): Account information service.

Extended integrations

  • Crédit Mutuel (EU): Added PIS integration (BULK_SEPA, SEPA)

  • Deutsche Bank BE (BE), Deutsche Bank DE (DE), Deutsche Bank ES (ES), Deutsche Bank IT (IT), Deutsche Bank LU (LU): Added payment initiation service (SEPA payments)

  • Eika Business (NO), Eika Personal (NO): Added brands: Aurskog Sparebank, Berg Sparebank, Birkenes Sparebank, Eidsberg Sparebank, Etnedal Sparebank, Evje og Hornnes Sparebank, Grong Sparebank, Hjartdal og Gransherad Sparebank, Larvikbanken, Oslofjord Sparebank, Romsdals Banken, Rørosbanken, Sogn Sparebank, Soknedal Sparebank, Tinn Sparebank, Totens Sparebank, Valdres Sparebank, Vekselbanken, Ørskog Sparebank

  • Revolut Business (GB): Added BULK_SEPA payment type

  • Activo Bank ES (ES), Andbank (AD), BBVA (ES), Banco Inversis (ES), Banco Mediolanum (IT), Banco Santander Corporate (ES), Bankinter (ES), CaixaBank (ES), Cajamar Caja Rural (ES), Cajasur Banco (ES), Eurocaja Rural (ES), Ibercaja Banco (ES), Kutxabank (ES), Open Bank (ES), Renta4 Banco (ES), Sabadell (ES), Self Bank (ES), WiZink (ES): Added payment initiation service (SEPA and BULK_SEPA payments)

  • Sparkasse (EU): Added payment initiation service (SEPA payments)


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