Enable Banking Changelog | June 2023

ASPSP Interaction Logs Are Available Through Enable Banking Control Panel

The Enable Banking Control Panel has consistently provided access to API request logs, facilitating the monitoring of requests made by your applications to the Enable Banking API. It reveals response statuses, latency, and the ASPSPs with which your application has interacted via the API. Filtering options for response code, country, ASPSP, and session or account ID enable the identification of various issues during integration with the Enable Banking API and while your application is in live production.

Recent enhancements now allow visibility of corresponding requests to the ASPSPs' APIs for each application request. These include their latency, response codes, and any error details if present. This feature is particularly valuable for understanding why certain API requests yield errors. For instance, it can provide insights into why some users struggle to authorize payments or gain access to their accounts.

Account Information Data Insights Are Now Available for All Users

The Data Insights feature of the Enable Banking Control Panel allows users to view the available data for each ASPSP, as well as what data is missing. It uses statistics gathered from the Enable Banking API, ensuring an accurate representation of the data landscape.

Previously available in beta to a select group of users, this feature has now been made accessible to all.

Check it out yourself here: https://enablebanking.com/cp/data-insights

UI Widget for Rendering List of ASPSPs and Letting End-Users to Choose One

This widget provides a method to present the list of available ASPSPs on a web page (i.e. banks and similar financial institutions) and lets the end-user select which one they want to proceed with.

Find the documentation here. https://enablebanking.com/docs/api/widgets

Launch in Croatia

The first four AIS integrations are now available in Croatia in beta-mode:

Addiko Bank, Erste & Steiermärkische Bank, Raiffeisenbank, and Zagrebačka Banka.

Try out using the demo UI: https://tilisy.com/en/banks?country=HR

New integrations

  • Addiko Bank (HR): account information service

  • Banco Caminos (ES), Banco Cetelem (ES), Banco Europeo De Finanzas, (ES), Banco Santander Corporate (ES), Activo Bank (ES), Bancofar (ES): account information service

  • Credit Agricole (IT): account information service

  • Erste Bank (HU): account information service

  • Morrow Bank (FI, NO, SE): account information service (new name of Komplett Bank)

  • VR Bank Mecklenburg (DE): account information service

Fixed and improved integrations

  • ABN AMRO (NL): Updated production URLs

  • AXA (BE), Crelan (BE): Authorisation fixes in case access to balances is not requested

  • BancoSantander (ES), Caja Rural (ES), Cajamar Caja Rural (ES), Open Bank (ES): Added synthetic transaction entry reference

  • Bank Norwegian (FI, NO, SE): Added handling of expired consent error

  • Belfius (BE): Transaction entry reference fix

  • BNP Paribas Fortis (BE): Allowing authorisation with card numbers starting with 4871

  • Boursorama Banque (FR): Requesting extended transaction history scope of access

  • Credit Agricole (FR): Improved handling of expired consents

  • Deutsche Bank (BE): Retring on 503 response code for authorisation status request

  • Handelsbanken (SE): Support for crossborder payments

  • Holvi (FI): Handling the error in case an account is disabled

  • ICA Banken (SE): Fixed payment authentication link

  • KBC (BE): Not requesting balances when fetching list of accounts

  • K&H (HU): Authorisation fixes

  • La Banque Postale (FR): Improved handling of errors in case of requested period for transactions fetcing is not allowed

  • Landsbankinn (IS): Fix for initiation of accounts data refresh before fetching balances and transactions

  • N26 (DE): Fix getting consent status

  • OP (FI): Migrated PIS to v2 API

  • OTP Bank (HU): Passing state to the auth redirect URL and nulling "undefined" state from callback URLs

  • Raiffeisen (HR): Fixed authorisation, accounts fetching and enabled production environment

  • Raiffeisen (HU): Added transaction entry reference

  • Raiffeisen (IT): Improved authentication

  • Raiffeisen (SK): Updated to use the new PSD2 APIs

  • SEB (SE): Add crossborder payments for business

  • Swedbank (EE, LT, LV, SE): Updated integration to API version 5

  • Swedbank (SE): Added crossborder payments for business

  • Swedbank (EE, LT, LV): Fixed default end-to-end ID for bulk SEPA payments

  • Tatrabanka (SK): Updated to use the new PSD2 APIs

  • Following banks are migrated from SDC platform provider to Tieto Evry: Trøgstad Sparebank, Evje og Hornnes Sparebank, Hjartdal og Gransherad Sparebank, Soknedal Sparebank, Totens Sparebank, Oslofjord Sparebank, Romsdalsbanken, Rørosbanken, Tinn Sparebank, Aurskog Sparebank", Ørskog Sparebank

  • UniCredit Bank (HU): Fixed the 62 days transactions fetching limit and added transaction entry references

Removed integrations

  • Eika Kredittbank (NO): Removed as not providing direct services

  • FriulAdria (IT): Remove as fully merged with Credit Agricole

  • Komplett Bank (FI, NO, SE): Replaced by Morrow Bank


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