Enable Banking Changelog | July 2023

Authorisation of access to account information for up to 180 days

According to EU regulation 2022/2360 of 3 August 2022 amending the regulatory technical standards as regards the 90-day exemption for account access, Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSPs, i.e. banks and similar financial institutions providing payment accounts) will, from 25 July 2023, not need Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) when an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) requests account balances and recent transactions, provided the access authorisation was granted earlier than 180 days.

This doubles the previous 90-day access window for end-users to 180 days, enabling them to re-authorise only every half-year.

We've updated the Enable Banking API and integrations for ASPSPs adopting this new technical standard. For each ASPSP Enable Banking API the maximum_consent_validity value is now returned in seconds. A full list of ASPSPs brand supporting this 180-day access can be found below.

New beta release: Account information service in Portugal 🇵🇹

We've added beta integrations for the majority of ASPSPs in Portugal:

Activo Bank, Banco Comercial Portugues, Bankinter, BBVA, BiG, BPG, BPI, Caixa Central de Crédito Agrícola Mutuo, Caixa de Crédito Agrícola da Chamusca, Caixa de Crédito Agrícola Mutuo de Bombarral, Caixa de Crédito Agrícola Mútuo de Leiria, Caixa de Crédito Agrícola Mútuo de Mafra, Caixa de Crédito Agrícola Torres Vedras, Caixa Económica da Misericórdia de Angra do Heroísmo, Caixa Económica Montepio Geral, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Cofidis, CTT, EuroBic, novobanco, novobanco dos Açores, Santander Totta, Unicre.

Try out using the demo UI: https://tilisy.com/en/banks?country=PT

Core aggregation changes

  • Introduced a public validateCredentials method in the AuthApi class.

  • The modifyConsents method can now optionally return an AuthData array, which contains necessary information for PSU authorisation.

  • Introduced a public getTransactionDetails method in the AispApi class.

New integrations

  • AlphaBank (CY, GR, RO): account information service and payment initiation service

  • DiPocket (EU): account information service

  • Eurobank (GR): account information service

  • J&T banka (HR): account information service

  • Kvika (IS): account information service

  • NBG (GR): account information service and payment initiation service

  • Nordea (FI, SE, DK, NO): account information service for commercial cards (i.e. Nordea First Card)

  • Piraeus Bank (GR): account information service

  • Pleo (EU): account information service

  • Saxo Bank (DK): account information service (experimental)

  • SumUp (EU): account information service

Fixed and improved integrations

  • American Express (EU): Handle expired refresh token

  • BBVA (ES): Using transactionId values in transactions entry reference

  • Europabank (BE): Add transactions entry reference

  • K&H Bank (HU): authorisation and data fetching improvements and fixes

  • MBH Bank (HU): Corrected origin for access token request

  • Nordea (SE): Fixed payment initiation for business accounts with Swedish GIRO reference

  • OP (FI): Fixed issue with empty reference number when using OP's payments API v2

  • Postbank (DE): Adjusted authorisation flow as embedded approach is no longer supported and the default SCA approach is redirect

  • Sabadell (ES): Upgraded to API version v1.1.

  • Solarisbank (DE): Add transactions entry reference

  • Sparbanken Syd (SE): Fixed extraction of clearing number and member id

  • Svea Bank (SE): Fixed removal of SVEA prefix from BBANs

  • Swedbank (EE/LT/LV/SE): Improved fetching of pending transactions

  • Tomamos Impulso (SE): Changed API origin

  • Fixed transactions continuation key in case next page link is doesn't contain prefix for Spanish banks using Redsys as provider of their PSD2 APIs

  • Fixed transactions continuation key for Dannish banks using SDC as provider of their PSD2 APIs

Extended integrations

  • Added support of DOMESTIC payment type for the following integrations: Andelskassen Fælleskassen (DK), Andelskassen Oikos (DK), Arbejdernes Landsbank (DK), BankNordik (DK), Basisbank (DK), Betri (DK), Borbjerg Sparekasse (DK), Broager Sparekasse (DK), Coop Bank (DK), Danske Andelskassers Bank (DK), DIN Andelskasse Østervrå (DK), Djurslands Bank (DK), Dragsholm Sparekasse (DK), Dronninglund Sparekasse (DK), Facit Bank (DK), Fanø Sparekasse (DK), Faster Andelskasse (DK), Folkesparekassen (DK), Frørup Andelskasse (DK), Frøs Sparekasse (DK), Frøslev-Mollerup Sparekasse (DK), Fynske Bank (DK), Handelsbanken (DK), Hvidbjerg Bank (DK), Ikano Bank (DK), Jutlander Bank (DK), Jyske Bank (DK), Klim Sparekasse (DK), Kreditbanken (DK), Lægernes Bank (DK), Lån & Spar Bank (DK), Langå Sparekasse (DK), Lollands Bank (DK), Maj Bank (DK), Merkur Andelskasse (DK), Middelfart Sparekasse (DK), Møns Bank (DK), Nordfyns Bank (DK), Nykredit Bank (DK), Pensam Bank (DK), Ringkøbing Landbobank (DK), Rise Flemløse Sparekasse (DK), Rønde Sparekasse (DK), SEB (DK), Skjern Bank (DK), Sønderhå-Hørsted Sparekasse (DK), Spar Nord Bank (DK), Sparbanken Syd (SE), Sparekassen Balling (DK), Sparekassen Bredebro (DK), Sparekassen Den Lille Bikube (DK), Sparekassen Djursland (DK), Sparekassen for Nørre Nebel og Omegn (DK), Sparekassen Kronjylland (DK), Sparekassen SjæLland-Fyn (DK), Sparekassen Thy (DK), Sparekassen Vendsyssel (DK), Stadil Sparekasse (DK), Suðuroyar Sparikassi (DK), Swedbank (DK), Sydbank (DK), Totalbanken (DK), Vestjysk Bank (DK)

Integrations supporting authorisation of access to account information for 180 days

Ålems Sparbank (SE), Allianz Bank Financial Advisors (IT), Arquia Bank (ES), Åse Viste Sparbank (SE), Åtvidabergs Sparbank (SE), Banca Akros (IT), Banca Aletti (IT), Banca Credifarma (IT), Banca Euromobiliare (IT), Banca March (ES), Banca Mediolanum (IT), Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena (IT), Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (IT), Banca Passadore (IT), Banca Popolare Dell'Alto Adige (IT), Banco BPM (IT), Banco Caminos (ES), Banco Cetelem (ES), Banco Cooperativo Español (ES), Banco Europeo de Finanzas (ES), Banco Pichincha (ES), Bancofar (ES), Belfius (BE), Bergslagens Sparbank (SE), Bjursås Sparbank (SE), BNL Corporate (IT), BPER Banca (IT), Caixa Benicarló (ES), Caixa Popular (ES), Caixa Rural Galega (ES), Caixa Rural La Vall (ES), Caixa Rural les Coves (ES), Caixa Vinaròs (ES), Caixalmassora (ES), Caja Rural Cañete de las Torres (ES), Caja Rural Central en Orihuela (ES), Caja Rural d'Algemesí (ES), Caja Rural de Adamuz (ES), Caja Rural de Albal (ES), Caja Rural de Aragón (ES), Caja Rural de Asturias (ES), Caja Rural de Baena (ES), Caja Rural de Casas Ibáñez (ES), Caja Rural de Extremadura (ES), Caja Rural de Gijón (ES), Caja Rural de Jaén (ES), Caja Rural de L'Alcúdia (ES), Caja Rural de Navarra (ES), Caja Rural de Nueva Carteya (ES), Caja Rural de Onda (ES), Caja Rural de Salamanca (ES), Caja Rural de Soria (ES), Caja Rural de Teruel (ES), Caja Rural de Utrera (ES), Caja Rural de Villamalea (ES), Caja Rural de Zamora (ES), Caja Rural del Sur (ES), Caja Rural Granada (ES), Caja Rural Regional (ES), Caja Rural San José de Alcora (ES), Caja Viva (ES), Cajasieste (ES), Colonya (ES), Credit Agricole Cariparma (IT), Credito Emiliano (IT), Crelan (BE), ČSOB (SK), Dalslands Sparbank (SE), Danske Bank (DK), Danske Bank (FI), Danske Bank (NO), Danske Bank (SE), Djurslands Bank (DK), Ekeby Sparbank (SE), Eurobank (GR), Falkenbergs Sparbank (SE), Fiare Banca Etica (ES), Fideuram (IT), Findomestic (IT), Fryksdalens Sparbank (SE), Globalcaja (ES), Hälsinglands Sparbank (SE), Häradssparbanken Mönsterås (SE), Hello Bank! (IT), Högsby Sparbank (SE), Igea Digital Bank (IT), Intesa Sanpaolo (IT), Ivetofta Sparbank i Bromölla (SE), Jyske Bank (DK), K&H (HU), Kinda-Ydre Sparbank (SE), Kreditbanken (DK), Laboral Kutxa (ES), Laholms Sparbank (SE), LCL (FR), Lekebergs Sparbank (SE), Leksands Sparbank (SE), Lönneberga-Tuna-Vena Sparbank (SE), Markaryds Sparbank (SE), Mjöbäcks Sparbank (SE), Mooney (IT), NEXI Payments (IT), Nordea (DK/FI/NO/SE), Nordea Corporate (DK/FI/NO/SE), Nordea First Card (DK/FI/NO/SE), Nordfyns Bank (DK), Norrbärke Sparbank (SE), Ölands Bank (SE), Oma Säästöpankki (FI), OP (FI), Orusts Sparbank (SE), POP Pankki (FI), Postepay (IT), Rabobank (NL), Raiffeisen Landesbank Suedtirol (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Algund (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Bozen (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Bruneck (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Deutschnofen-Aldein (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Eisacktal (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Etschtal (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Freienfeld (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Gröden (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Hochpustertal (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Kastelruth-St. Ulrich (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Laas (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Lana (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Latsch (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Marling (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Meran (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Niederdorf (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Passeier (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Prad-Taufers (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Salurn (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Sarntal (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Schenna (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Schlanders (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Schlern-Rosengarten (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Tauferer-Arnthal (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Tirol (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Tisens (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Toblach (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Überetsch (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Ulten-St.Pankraz (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Untereisacktal (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Unterland (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Untervinschgau (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Val Badia (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Villnöss (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Vintl (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Welsberg-Gsies-Taisten (IT), Raiffeisenkasse Wipptal (IT), Ringkjøbing Landbobank (DK), Roslagens Sparbank (SE), Ruralnostra (ES), Säästöpankki (FI), Sala Sparbank (SE), SEB (SE), Sidensjö Sparbank (SE), Skjern Bank (DK), Skurups Sparbank (SE), Snapphanebygdens Sparbank (SE), Södra Dalarnas Sparbank (SE), Södra Hestra Sparbank (SE), Sölvesborg-Mjällby Sparbank (SE), Sörmlands Sparbank (SE), Sparbanken Alingsås (SE), Sparbanken Boken (SE), Sparbanken Eken (SE), Sparbanken Göinge (SE), Sparbanken i Enköping (SE), Sparbanken i Karlshamn (SE), Sparbanken Lidköping (SE), Sparbanken Nord (SE), Sparbanken Rekarne (SE), Sparbanken Sjuhärad (SE), Sparbanken Skåne (SE), Sparbanken Skaraborg (SE), Sparbanken Tanum (SE), Sparbanken Tranemo (SE), Sparbanken Västra Mälardalen (SE), Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn (DK), Swedbank (EE/LT/LV/SE), Sydbank (DK), Tidaholms Sparbank (SE), Tjörns Sparbank (SE), Tjustbygdens Sparbank (SE), Ulricehamns Sparbank (SE), UnipolPay (IT), Vadstena Sparbank (SE), Valdemarsviks Sparbank (SE), Varbergs Sparbank (SE), Vimmerby Sparbank (SE), Virserums Sparbank (SE), Westra Wermlands Sparbank (SE)


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