Enable Banking Changelog | April 2024

Enable Banking April Changelog

As always if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at support.api@enablebanking.com.

Significant changes and updates

The application statistics

We have launched a brand new feature in our Control Panel where you can conveniently monitor the statistics on your client application and its interaction with different Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSPs).

View your application statistics by selecting 'Statistics' from the options menu (three dots) next to your Enable Banking applications listing. Refer to the image below for guidance.

For every ASPSP accessed by your application, you can now check the following statistics:

  • Total number of sessions: Active sessions accessing account information during the selected period.

  • Authorized accounts and sessions: Accounts and sessions authorized to access account information during the selected period.

  • Unique accounts accessed: Total number of unique accounts accessed during the selected period.

  • Total initiated payments: Number of payments initiated by the application.

  • Successful payments: Payments with reached ACSC or ACCC status.

  • Unique Payment Services Users (PSUs): Users for whom the application initiated access to account information or payments.

You have the flexibility to order each column for easier access to the information you're searching for.

Enable Banking endpoint statistics page

In addition to showing the information by ASPSP, we also present endpoint statistics. For each endpoint, the statistics are shown for:

  • Total calls

  • Successful calls

  • Success rate

Enable Banking statistics by end point

This is the first iteration of this application statistics feature, and we’ll be tweaking it in the coming weeks. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we continue to enhance the feature. Please feel free to share any thoughts or suggestions you have, or if you notice anything missing in the comments.

New integrations

We are continually enhancing our coverage and expanding our range of integrations. In the current month, we've made the following additions:

  • RBS International (EU): account information integration

Updated integrations

We are committed to maintaining and improving our coverage by updating and refining our integrations regularly. This month, we've updated the following integrations:

  • Abanca (ES): Fix the date header

  • Abanca (ES): Contract index for contract selection (for business accounts only)

  • Abanca (ES): Fix the signature (for business accounts only)

  • ActivoBank (EU) & SantanderTotta (PT): Set default dateFrom if not present

  • Aktia (FI): Limit transaction details fetching to 30s

  • Aktia (FI): Set remittanceInformationRequired to true for SEPA payments

  • Ålandsbanken (FI): Added remittance information and reference number validation for FI SEPA

  • Aachener Bank (DE): Sandbox origin and path prefix are changed and payment URLs are corrected

  • Bankinter (ES): Fix duplicate request id problem

  • BNP Paribas Fortis (BE): Fix token request

  • BNP Paribas (FR): Fix client_credentials token request for SEPA payments

  • BNP Paribas (PL): Upgrade to API version 2.1.5

  • BRD (RO): Fix credentials description

  • Bred Banque Populaire (FR): Add Content-Type to AIS and PIS requests headers

  • Bred Banque Populaire (FR): Change Content-Type to a required header

  • Danske Bank (DK, FI, IE, NO, PL, SE): Fix handling invalid transactions interval

  • Danske Bank (DK, FI, IE, NO, PL, SE): Migrated to new JWT structure

  • Danske Bank (DK, FI, NO, SE): Return debtor name in getPaymentRequest

  • Danske Bank (DK, FI, IE, NO, PL, SE): Return debtor name in getPaymentRequest

  • DiPocket (LT): Sandbox integration fix

  • DNB Business (NO): For avoidance of confusion changed title of the COMPANYID credential to "User ID"

  • DNB (DE, DK, FI, NO, SE): Update companyId template

  • DNB (NO): Handle invalid credentials error

  • Odal Sparebank (NO): Fix domain url mapping

  • ING (AT, BE, CZ, DE, ES, IT, LU, NL, RO) & ING Wholesale Banking (BE, BG, CZ, ES, FR, HU, IE, IT, NL, RO, SK): Improve debtor bic parsing

  • ING Bank Śląski (PL), Bank Millennium (PL), PKO Bank Polski (PL): Improve error response handling

  • ING Bank Śląski (PL): Disable fetching single account details in getAccounts call

  • K&H (HU): Fix response id validation

  • K&H (HU): Set Accept header to '/' for AIS calls

  • Luminor (EE, LT, LV): Improve session expiration in case of updating certificates due to re-onboarding

  • Lunar (DK): Added support for Sweden and Norway

  • Lunar (DK): Add transactions pagination

  • MBH Bank (ex-MKB Bank) (HU): Improved account id parsing

  • Medicinos Bankas (LT): Brand changed to Urbo, updated integration to use new endpoints

  • Morrow Bank (FI, NO, SE): Removed PSU type business as the bank does not serve business customers

  • Novobanco and other banks using SIBS as their API provider (PT): Improve continuation key handling

  • OP (FI): Improve reference number validation

  • OP (FI): Only one of reference number or remittance information should be set for SEPA payments

  • PayPal (EU): Upgraded API version to the latest

  • Postbank (DE): Fix issue with invalid value date

  • Qonto (DE, ES, FR, IT): Fix parsing iban issue

  • Redsys (ES): Upgraded to version 1.1

  • Redsys (ES): Enabled support of 180 days max consent validity

  • Redsys (ES) & Banca March (ES): Fix handling of already valid consent

  • SEB (SE): Add fallback on validateResponse in validateMakeToken

  • S-Pankki (FI): Added remittance information and reference number validation for FI SEPA

  • Swedbank (EE, LT, LV, SE): Add balanceAfterTransaction field mapping

  • Ulster Bank (GB): Fixed authorization issue

  • Unicaja Banco (ES): Cleaning balanceAfterTransaction values as the bank returns

Removed Connectors

This month, we've had to bid farewell to a few connectors as some banks have ceased their operations. Here's the list of affected connectors:

  • Andebu Sparebank (NO): The Connector was removed because the bank is no longer operating

  • FidorBank (DE): The Connector was removed because the bank is no longer operating

  • Fornebubanken (NO): The Connector was removed because the bank is no longer operating

  • KBC (IE): The Connector was removed because the bank is no longer operating


  • Fixed logger’s memory leak


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