Simple access to bank account
data for SAP users


Got tired of old-school integrations, far from real-time data, or not being equipped with good tools?

Good-quality, real-time data about company bank accounts is crucial when you are aiming for more automated processes in S/4HANA, Accounting and Financial Close, FP&A, or another SAP solution.

When using world-leading ERP software, demanding users have high expectations and should have the best and quickest possible way to access the bank data.

With Open Banking you are able to unleash the power of SCP and Leonardo and build new solutions to meet your business needs easily.

Open Banking to SAP implementation in few easy steps

1Meet with our team and assess your business needs

2Get free developer account and try the solution for real

3Integrate with SAP Cloud Platform and get friction-less connection to SAP products


Be favoured with the benefits of our Open Banking solution

Up-to-date technology

  • Real-time account balances and transactions
  • Data from multiple accounts and banks with a single integration
  • Ready-made OData interface

Fast implementation

  • Access to APIs without any agreements with banks
  • Data available on the first day of an implementation project
  • No need to possess your own license from the Financial Supervisory Authority

Reduced costs

  • 10X faster implementation process compared to old ways
  • Less work with data cleanse
  • No need to support multiple integrations

New SAP is about automating processes that are currently done by humans on SAP systems. With automated, good-quality, real-time account information, you are able to provide the most advanced RPA and ML processes for companies who are wanting to get the most of their SAP environment.

Ready to try out Open Banking in SAP ecosystem?


Lose the outdated integrations, gain quick, close to the real-time bank account data – save time and costs. Using our knowledge and experience gathered from 20 years working in the SAP field, we can help you to build the most efficient solution.